Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meeting Stars at the Gift Fair

This year I was so lucky that fate should allow me to meet two of my favourites from blogging. My feet were hurting and my back was in agony so this lovely lady allowed me to sit at her spare chair. Then her daughter sat down, I read her name and wow I realised I was sitting with the gorgeous Jessie Lauren and her beautiful Mum Judy from Verandah House. I was so excited as I have loved following them both as they have amazing style and Judy and I share a passion for blue and white. (And Jessie is is every bit as beautiful as this photo)

It was like an instant party and I felt quite blessed.
 I adore Judy's style and loved seeing these pics from when she recently sold her house.
 (Images from here)
 I could easily have lived there. Just so perfect.
And apparently she is being featured very soon in something quite special. I can't wait.
I had just the best time chatting with them both.I didn't want it to end. I really hope that some day I will meet them again. Maybe I will get to Brisbane. Better start saving as Queensland seems to be full of amazing bloggers. Warmest wishes to all of you in Queensland and especially to Judy and Jessie Lauren.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Table Runner Magic

Whether its hearts joined together, doilies, chevron fabric or beautiful bright patterns-
all bring a delicious splash of colour or interest to take our day from ordinary to sublime.
Have some fun and create something unique to you.
Happy weekend living!