Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink Perfection for Spring or Autumn

As we head towards our first day of spring( whilst others head into Autumn)Why not allow ourselves to indulge in the perfectness of pink
especially as nature gives us such amazing treats to enjoy. I think I would struggle to leave this table. Wouldn't you?

These pink bubbles look so decadent
Without a doubt pink always smiles in happiness.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Planning Pretty Parties

Planning parties can be such fun when you can go all pretty.
(Cristina Re)
Pastel macarons and china
Pink champagne
Balloons floating magically
Perfectly pretty sugar almonds
Deliciously delightful cake pops

Pompoms and cute umbrellas
Perhaps Tiffany blue macarons.
Happy weekends everyone.
(Images mostly pinterest)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Green and White Gardening

 Warm, sunny days remind us of the magic that lays ahead. The perfect time to get those gardening jobs done, ready for our Springtime plans. We need a wall in front of our pool filter and these ones from pinterest and Trove Interiors have caught my eye.

 The perfect outdoor area.
 Beautiful boxwood balls used so creatively

 A clever use of pallets to grow your veggies.

Green and white always looks clean, elegant and sophisticated when used in the garden. Also the perfect choice for night time. Have a lovely weekend. I'm off to the garden!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hampton' s Style Rugs- I've Found Them!

 After searching Australian Suppliers I have found them
 Two different suppliers in fact.
 If you are from Australia and have dreamt of having one of these rugs,
 then I have the solution. 
I can order them on customer request.

So many more choices too.
 If you want that rug inspired from "Something's Gotta Give"
 Then I might have just what you are looking for.
Email me if you have any questions.