Sunday, January 30, 2011

French Elegance in South Perth(+ Cape Dutch?)

Whenever I go to South Perth
I have to drive by
one of my most favourite houses
everAnd drink in the elegance it oozes Recently it was on the market and these are some inside pics

Exquisite choices

I would so love this bathroom!

And this by my pool to train a wisteria

And now to some fun blogs!
Have you seen the "Tourist"?
Check out Haute Design for her post
on the beautiful clothes.

for a very creative music skirt.
How clever is this?
with a cute post on these biscuits

So amazing!

But if you are a blue fan you'll love
this post over at "My Shabby Soul"

I"m smitten with these
I want to make them!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cupcake Magic!

I continue to have a total love of cupcakes
and these pics caught my attention
So many oh so beautiful images to inspire

So I made these

Amazing hazelnut chocolate!
Just heaven to eat

And the recipe comes from this fantastic book

Worth every penny
And you know the recipes will work
Becos Womens Weekly is so reliable
And there images are just perfect!

Their Stylist and Photographer are
clearly very talented

I thought fellow bloggers might like these

For the upcoming Valentines Day

But of course we all love white ones

This book is definitely a keeper!
( I bought it just before Xmas)

( Images 3-4 my own, all others "Women's Weekly Classic Cupcakes)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Tiffany Blue Purchases and More

On my birthday when I went shopping
I found this gorgeous bag at "Peter Alexanders"I just had to have it
and when I got home
I realized how close it was to
Tiffany Blue

And so was this beautiful cup and saucer from T2
from their Dreams collection

And this isnt blue but I thought it was so cute!
Peter Alexander does the most amazing packaging.
This was for a nightie set!
So my darling son 1 bought it for me.

So I thought Id surf the net
for more beautiful Tiffany Blue pics to enjoy.
I love this french styled one!

I'd love it all!

I could see myself wearing this!

I might make something like this

Oh how yummy is this bag?

Divine inspiration for my cupcake quests!
I simply adore Tiffany blue cupcakes!

These Tiffany Blue donuts are so pretty
I doubt I could eat them

But oh so many beautiful items to enjoy!
I will definitely make earings something similar
for those of us smitten by Tiffany Blue!
Maybe even the necklace??
I love how well brown goes with Tiffany blue
and stops everything from being too pretty.

But perhaps this one literally takes the cake!
That's it.
I'll have to admit
Im officially a Tiffany Blue addict!

( Images1-4 my own, 2-couture cupcakes,
9-10-shoponline2011, all others unsure)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hidden Beauty and Stylish Awards

The Australian "Country Style" magazine
would have to be one of my fave magazines
as they usually manage to capture
some french elegance to delight me!
And this one realllly got me!
I "love" it!
I so wish I could have some
architectural detail like this one.
Such authenticity

Amazing light fittings

And the windows of my dreams

It is in the January issue 2011

And now a huge thankyou to two fantastic bloggers
who I hold in high esteem
and always get such a buzz from their blogs
( especially since they are so beautifully french style)
I was so honoured that they would pick me
amongst their ten to choose
With accepting this award, there are three rules ~
1) Thank and link back to the person whom awarded you
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Award 10 great bloggers that you've recently discovered
4) Contact the above and tell them of the award

So the 7 things i share about me are
1- Born in Western Australia
2- I have an amazing toy poodle Lilly who is a constant source of delight
3 I really care about sustainability so I try where I can to do my bit eg compost tumbler, recycling, plant trees and educate our young
4- Mad about shopping especially in Claremont and Subiaco
5- I'm a very visual person but sometimes I overload my brain
6- Love creating and lately that has been my jewelry collection
7- Always enjoy entertaining especially as I am blessed to have such gorgeous friends
who make it such a treat

And now to my ten
I would like to honour