Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Tiffany Blue Purchases and More

On my birthday when I went shopping
I found this gorgeous bag at "Peter Alexanders"I just had to have it
and when I got home
I realized how close it was to
Tiffany Blue

And so was this beautiful cup and saucer from T2
from their Dreams collection

And this isnt blue but I thought it was so cute!
Peter Alexander does the most amazing packaging.
This was for a nightie set!
So my darling son 1 bought it for me.

So I thought Id surf the net
for more beautiful Tiffany Blue pics to enjoy.
I love this french styled one!

I'd love it all!

I could see myself wearing this!

I might make something like this

Oh how yummy is this bag?

Divine inspiration for my cupcake quests!
I simply adore Tiffany blue cupcakes!

These Tiffany Blue donuts are so pretty
I doubt I could eat them

But oh so many beautiful items to enjoy!
I will definitely make earings something similar
for those of us smitten by Tiffany Blue!
Maybe even the necklace??
I love how well brown goes with Tiffany blue
and stops everything from being too pretty.

But perhaps this one literally takes the cake!
That's it.
I'll have to admit
Im officially a Tiffany Blue addict!

( Images1-4 my own, 2-couture cupcakes,
9-10-shoponline2011, all others unsure)


  1. Tiffany blue is gorgeous, love that colour:)

  2. Love everthing Fiona, and those rings are my favourite!!! I bought a very similiar bag the other day but in a cream colour, such a cute style, isnt it? What a lovely present from your son too; i do like peter alexander.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Laura xx

  3. Just the name 'Tiffany Blue' evokes elegance and romance. How could you not fall in love with this shade. Thanks for sharing the beautiful images of this can-never-get-enough colour.

    And...... Happy Birthday!

    Glamour Begins At Home

  4. Hose are the most innovative Tiffany style cupcakes I have ever seen

  5. As much as I adore pink I do love all the Tiffany blue too. I am so glad you received some treats for your birthday. The box with the ballerina is so pretty.I'd save that forever. I am anticipating the opening of your jewelry line!!
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  6. Oh those cupcakes! Love Tiffany Blue too. Letitia x

  7. Tiffany blue certainly is gorgeous, so are the cupcakes! I love the music box too. Thank you for your lovely comment about our bathroom..Rachaelxx