Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hamptons Magic In WA with Webb and Brown-Neaves Homes

For those of us who love the Hamptons Style
our dreams are now a reality with  Perth's best builder Webb and Brown-Neaves
who opened their Hampton's Style Home yesterday
aptly called The Montauk.
 The designer and decorator have done outstanding work 
creating an authentic Hampton's feel that is so liveable and inviting
 The home is such a beautiful product of much research and passion  including so many visual delights at every turn.

 It is exactly what my dreams have been made of
So I really hope I get to build this one.

 In fact I'd move right in tomorrow if I could.
So many lovely touches of blue

Together with French Style
I can't help but want every decor item as they are all so perfect

It's as if someone knew my dreams and created it just for me

If you visit their web site the pictures are bigger and there is even a video as well.
But be prepared to start your shopping list.

If you live in WA then head on over to Cygnia Cove (Waterford).

(all images are from the WBHomes web site and I am completely independent from the company other than being a loyal customer ,as I live in a home built by them which is also divine)


  1. Great link Fiona, that really is a dream house, and as I'm about to begin kitchen renovations I found the kitchen in particular tres interesting, loved the cupboards..

  2. Stunning. Who'd have thought it was in Australia!