Thursday, September 30, 2010

Isn't It Gorgeous?

That's what I thought
when I saw this
divine shrug or bolero jacketAnd then thought
"Could I make it?"
I don't think I could come close
to getting it this gorgeous

So I think some simpler projects
might be better

I just love
fabric flowers
Aren't they so gorgeous on these beads?

So tiny
but sweet
on these pins

I've been wanting
to make butterflies for ages

Especially with script on them

Or on hearts

Just to hang?

And enjoy

Perhaps these for my son's bedroom

I dont think
he'll let me
But I will definitely do this one day
A magnetic,
pressed metal
memo board
With bling magnets

I could get really brave
and add these bows to some shoes

Or add more bling

Maybe I'll just add it
to my own blue bottles
But I've got to stop
doing all this dreaming
and start doing!!

Images- Ive lost the name of where I got the shrug images and Id love to reference them properly so if you know please tell me so I can make it right. Other images are also unknown unless marked or the final image which is from Ciao Bella.


  1. I love fabric flowers, too! Sometimes I buy artificial ones and make little ponytail holders! I love the bows on those shoes, too! XX!

  2. Hi!
    this is quite possibily one of the most gorgeous selections of pretties I've ever seen! Love everything, especially the memo board and the shoes ..oh wow !
    Beautiful blog also!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring post...A wonderful selection of beauties that I'm also dreaming of one day start creating! (got to LOVE the memo board!!!)

  4. Who could resist adoring the images on this post !! So very sweet - I love fabric ( and knit) flowers too..


  5. Beautiful creations! Especially the heart with the key. So lovely! Kellie xx

  6. SO incredibly pretty -- just gorgeous -- I want those shoes, featured in the second to last. Love, love, love... hope you are having a wonderful weekend -- thank you so much for your kind comment the other day :)