Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soul Mates and Awards

To meet someone
who loves all the same things you do,
that is also kind,generous,understanding
and very talented
Is such a treat
but it is even more exciting
when they are a fellow blogger
from your state
And this is Laura from
"My Summerhouse"
(whose images are those above)
and to make it even more exciting
she has passed on this award to me!
I'm tickled pink to receive this
and I thought I'd use pictures
to tell 7 things about me.


I absolutely love water
and Im not happy
if I dont have it around me
or near me
I play water polo
and have done for many years
and I still love it!
I love skiing and boating,
walking and picnicing
by our amazing rivers and beaches
I'm passionate about children
and love having the priviledge
to teach these gorgeous

They can always make me smile

No matter where they are

I love all things french,
and beautiful

And this also makes me incredibly happy

To enjoy


I'm mad about
Whether its furniture,homewares


Or art

I love to entertain

And bring my adorable friends together
to make magic!

And use my beautiful things


I adore food
Its never far from my mind

Which can be a problem

And finally my new passion
is blogging
which constantly delights me
and has given me such renewed
(Image from Velvet and Linen)
And the birth of some new and exciting

So , many thanks to Laura
for this lovely award
and the encouragement
and friendship
she gives to me.

I am going to pass this on to another amazing lady
and hopefully touch her heart
like Laura has to me!
(stay posted)

(Images from Summer House,Tumbler,Velvet and Linen,google,La Madone, Little Blue Deer)


  1. Fiona, I am just lost for words. I am just so glad to have found you and I really believe that people come into our lives for a reason; whether it be something minor, or much greater. I would love, love to have that picnic during the holidays. I will make sure I havea day free in my diary. And thankyou so much for your amazingly sweet words, and I loved learning more about you.. we definently have the food thing in common!!! Have a very sweet day; sending hugs your way,
    Laura xxxx

  2. Fabulous and so great to learn more about you. The images are all delightful and I adore your header!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer and I think you will love it!

    Art by Karena

  3. Fiona ... these are such beautiful images and I love the cakes! Especially the blue ones ... Congratulations on your award ... well done and I am so happy you have found a lovely friend in Laura. I am going to check out her blog now!
    Best wishes