Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Promise Of Spring!

With the arrival of spring
there are so many new promises!Beautiful roses to take our breath away
Bunches of flowers
casually dropped in tins or jars

Tables filled with spring



And more flowers

So much colour at the florists

Flowers on our bags

( bag images from Gift Wrapped Life)

On our dresses

On our gift wrapping

Image from Gift Wrapped Life

Colour in our fruit displays

Stawberries become affordable

Roses mean even more on our cakes

A perfect spring time dessert

Beautiful lunches with friends

Maybe bring the daybed out to the alfresco

Or lounge dreamily in a hammock

Set up a glamourous lunch outside

Use our prettiest floral cloths and china

Afternoon tea a plenty

And flickering candles
to make the day last longer


  1. I love the hue of the roses in the teacup. Great post. David

  2. what a lovely post ... dreamy!


  3. Fiona ... absolutely gorgeous post! So beautiful and I am so excited to be coming into our spring/summer. I especially love the strawberries .... omg they look divine!
    Have a great week-end!
    hugs Frances

  4. I just found your blog and and now following! I could spend hours taking in all these dreamy pictures! Just lovely :)

  5. How exciting for you that the warmer months are coming. It is always wonderful to anticipate the sunny warm weather. Here, we are winding down and saying goodbye to summer. It is soo sad to know we will have to wait months for the flowers to bloom, to see the glorious blue sky and feel the warmth of the sunshine.
    Your images are just lovely and There are som many I would consider my favorites. I love the white floral handbag, the daybed with the colorful pillows,the conservatory and just about every image of pink and roses!! I guess that pretty much covers them all then :)
    Have a glorious weekend!

  6. Great post ,so beautiful and inspiring.Thank you!!! I hope that you are spending a lovely weekend,