Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring Party

Lets celebrate this glorious weather
and the magic of spring
with a spring time party

We'll dress up
in some of the latest spring fashions
and dine outside

So remember to bring your hats

And fancy shoes??
(Maybe not?)

We'll have cocktails
and iced fruit drinks

A healthy and yummy chopped salad
( Ciao Bella 50)

Cupcakes in tea cups

Or cake dusted in rose petals

There will be our favourite bright pinks


And my new favourite,

Peachy Pink!

Hope you can come!

Images- Google,La Boomeria, Ciao Bella, 1-5 Forever New


  1. Hi fiona, sounds just perfect in every way!!!! How funny are the shoes?!! wish I had the body to go with the lovely dresses!!!! thankyou for this gorgeous post! You have such a lovely way of `telling a story` through your posts and they whisk me off to somewhere dreamy! How are your holiday plans going?Laura xxx

  2. Dear Fiona ... I would LOVE to come! I love garden parties and this all looks divine! I will just get my hat and spring dress and pop across to you in Perth!
    hugs Frances

  3. ps The cake with rose petals and dusted icing sugar has inspired me to bake one! Actually, the cocktails look yum as well! I am off to Brisbane on Tuesday for some inspiration and fill up and high tea is definitely on the agenda!

  4. Of course, I can't miss this beautiful party!!!


  5. Hello Fiona,
    Happy spring time to you with those beautiful images.We are starting in autumn,

  6. Fabulous party! Love the shoes! Have a wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

  7. Gorgeous images and the weather here today suits perfectly! Letitia x

  8. I'm a new follower from the other side of the world. I'm posting about autumn at this time of the year :-). Your blog is beautiful and I'm happy I found it. Beautiful images!

  9. This post is just dripping in prettiness and feminine flair -- I just adore it -- those dresses most especially!