Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Pink, It's Pretty and It's Perfect!

That's what I thought
when I found
this absolutely beautiful blog!I just became so at peace
and happy
to be in this world
I floated off in the dreaminess
and pure joy
I was feeling

I knew I'd found a blog
I'd follow forever

My favourite designer Caroline Quartermaine
was showcased beautifully

With just more and more images
that celebrate life

And she is obviously soo talented,
even with her cupcakes

And then one of my favourite things,
hearts and english china

(I so want this!)

She introduced me to the fun of Marie Antoinette

And all the gorgeousness that goes with it

And of course to herself

The beautiful Frances,
MA the2nd

And more recently to her new website

As for her home.....

I think it's exquisite

Pure magic

The stuff that dreams are made of

Can you blame me for going off to dreamland?

Everything so perfect

Love these shutters

So elegant

Even has some whimsy

A very lucky daughter

I love the attention to detail
(Bobble trim on the curtains)
My magical blue

But the magic never ends!

The kitchen of my dreams

French furniture

Even a workspace you'd never want to leave

Except maybe to enjoy this poolhouse

Who needs resorts if you've got this!

This is my kind of resort
I looovvveee these cushions
Wish I was there!

but more than her glorious blog and home
the lovely friendship
and encouragement
she has given me
So I offer her these flowers
as a token of my gratitude
for the joy she gives me in so many ways

And these balloons
as a tribute
to the kindred spirits and soul mates
we have the pleasure of meeting through blogs

And finally this award to Frances
for her truly beautiful blog

That I can only describe as elegance
and luxury
with a warm, loving heart.
Many thanks Frances
for sharing your beautiful blog with us.

(All images via Beautiful Interiors and18th Century Style
and flickr for flowers and balloons)


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautifull blog with us-will add it to my blog roll for just like your blog, this is a def one to follow and share..xoxo Colette

  2. Wow....what a blog and so many beautiful pictures in one post!! I love the Nina Campbell tea set!! Would want it too! So I'm going over there now and I will also follow you! Thanks for entering my giveaway and have a lovely Sunday!! xoxo's Kristin

  3. oh. I love every images in this posting. Thank you so very much for sharing. Great inspiration!

    Julie xx

  4. Dear Fiona .... Thank-you so very much for such a beautiful post. I am truly touched and humbled by your words and it means so much to me. I know what you mean about finding kindred spirits and even though we are scattered throughout the globe we all have a connection which is so special. I love sharing my blog and my home with you. We all have a passion for beauty and history and sharing this makes it all the more special. I loved your blog immediately and new you would be a hit ..... so my sincerest thanks for this beautiful blog award. I am truly truly grateful and humbled.
    My best wishes always
    hugs Frances xxxx

  5. ps Thank-you also for the gorgeous flowers! Also, I love balloons especially pink ones and I love getting balloons. I am going to print them off and hang them on my mood board!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!! You have made mine so special!
    I will email you with what to do! My email is down at the moment!

  6. Isn't Frances just divine? Love your blog as well - lot's of uplifting eye candy......


  7. I had found a place to escape within your fabulous Blog...Thank you for your kind comments on my Blog...As much as I love the Fall season...I've been feeling a little blue...The reason for strating Daydreaming Escape!!! I wanted to put ALL my favorites photos into one place...
    I never thought about "copyright"!!! LOL!!! Althouth...I'm extremely respecful of others extraordinary work...I would never take credit that belong to someone else!!!

    Thank you again for your visit...Looking forward to seeing you around...and of course here at Le Chateau De Lille...

  8. I can almost hear these old Queenslanders crying with joy at the new lease of life Frances has given them - bravo to her!
    Millie ^_^