Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chateau in Congac, France

Nearly 6 years ago

on my first trip to France

We stayed at this chateau!

It was undoubtably the highlight of the trip.

It was near Congac

where I bought some gorgeous stuff

to bring home and treasure

It was actually here to be precise

I loved the whole decor

She used french reds to perfection

Love fabric used in cabinets

Bathroom was so pretty

Kath Kidston I think?

The owners were English

and gave us such fabulous tips

Loved this laundry!

The countryside was like a dream

With cows for neighbours!

A perfect place to stay!

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  1. What a beautiful place! I loved every single picture. We stayed at a chateau in Burgundy when we were on honeymoon 16 years ago. Sadly I didn't take any photo's of the interior, so all I have is my memory. Have a lovely day. x Sharon

  2. What a pretty place and fabulous decorating ideas! I would love to know the name and address of your fabulous Chateau, always good for reference for future trips to France! Warmest Spring wishes - Glenda

  3. What a beautiful place and nice pictures.

    Have a nice day.


  4. I want to visit there...looks so beautiful !! Have a Great day !

  5. Wow, I would just LOOOve to stay there, they might have to throw me out in the end! Sorry in the delay replying to you fiona, these holidays have been so busy, and I still have so much to do (appointments for my son..) It seems to have gone so much faster than usual this year and the days are kind of different than normal too.. Wish there were more hours in the day! Or days in the week! Would have loved to catch up with you, but it may have to be the next holidays - I was also thinking of maybe an afternoon tea for perth bloggers? Somewhere nice? I know there arent many of us, but i am sure everyone would come - what do you think?
    Laura x

  6. Splendid! I love the homey feeling of that chateau! The floral wall paper prints makes me love to stare at them while I lie on the bed all day. Fresh air, good food, country side is really magical. wowaccountforsale

  7. That are wonderful insights - thank you so much for sharing!

    I wish you a heavenly weekend

  8. What a beautiful place, a mixture of French and English decorating styles, Kath Kidston influence for sure.
    So relaxing and pretty:)

  9. What a dream place! I would love to stay there!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful travel memories with us!

    x Kristin